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Exhibition of the PSA Group Oradea in English

Our colleague, the youngest in our group Monica Butnaru, has translated the text about our exhibition in English.
We are very grateful to her!!
Hereby, the text:

PSA Group Exhibition

It's wide and attractive the so-called "salon photography", which is the target of salons / competitions / contests of artistic photography. These events are in a dynamic transition through the various trends, influences and orientations. It is one of the most stimulating fields of photographic creation because, despite the establishment of "guides" and "unwritten rules" ( too generally accepted ...), principles and criteria of evaluation often questionable, it leads to a “result " undoubtedly positive, a defining trend towards progress and self-improvement in photography.

One who tends to this segment of photographic creation, can often consider or use it as a springboard to other fields of applying photography, perhaps more profitable. For some it may therefore be a good start and is considered a transient stage in their work. These would be the ones we can consider as part of the 'pragmatic' category. For others, it can be an endless beginning, and those touched by the "flame" can not abandon the perpetual challenge of competition, with ups and downs, with joys and sorrows, with failures and (Why Not?) "Successes" .. . they are the much more extended group of "idealists".

Sending your work to a photography salon means assuming the results of a jury’s assessment, whose competence and decisions are not allowed to be questioned or (God forbid ... ) contested. You are often forced to "swallow" some acidic remarks, some not very flattering ratings because "the rule" obliges you to take things as they are. The natural reaction is that of SELT-ANALYSIS, to search for the personal reasons for failure and to accept the challenge of SELF PERFECTING. It is the only normal reaction, through the beneficial effects it produces in time for those who have patience and perseverance ...

The PSA Group consists of photographers from the city of Oradea who joined the Photographic Society of America (PSA) and participated in various photographic art salons that it patronizes. Their results have been meritorious, materialized through a series of international awards and honorable mentions. There appeared, however, certain "voices" from some ... Non participants (...) which stated, under the "grapes are sour" principle that these competitions would be somewhat easy, and the "sine qua non" condition of acceptances and even awards / mentions would be reduced to the simple fact of sending works and paying the participation fees.

How this mentality is not (very) likely to be reduced or removed from those minds where it is immutable installed, those who participate in these salons have no other choice but to install a stricter censorship of their creations in order for themselves to be satisfied with a work well-done!

The PSA Group consists of: Adela Rusu, Ilisie Ovidiu Gheorghe Petrila Dancoglu Constantin, Cristian Ene and Teodor Radu Pantea. They invite all the local people who are passionate about photography to an exhibition organized in the prestigious cultural institution, The Oradea County Library "Gheorghe Şincai”, who has already created a tradition of organizing exhibitions of photographic art.

Each author will present a set of seven photographs, accepted and awarded in the photographic art salons patronized by the PSA and organized mainly in the US. It's one of the moments when the six authors have accepted a new challenge of their own selection. It's a moment of honesty in each of us.

We invite the Oradea public to know us, to judge us, to criticize us, to appreciate us, to be honest with us. For that we have tried to be honest! Because we are part of the previously defined category of idealists.

We welcome you to the exhibition opening on Wednesday, February 1, 2012, 17.00 o’clock at The County Library "Gheorghe Sincai".
We will be honored by your presence and we thank you in advance for participating.

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